I'm Stephen Preyer, and the Founder of Armored Massage.

I was looking for a career that best combines my love for fitness, well-being and helping others. I wanted to work with athletes and individuals to help them perform at the peak of their ability and recover to their fullest potential.

If you are looking for relief and interested to see if massage therapy could be the answer, give me a call today and let’s evaluate your situation. 

Armored Massage Owner, Stephen Preyer a handsome young man, with brown hair and a beard, dressed in blue scrubs, and shining bright green eyes


Kinesiology Tape Certified

by Wellspring School of Allied Health

Cupping & Myofascial Decompression Certification

by Wellspring School of Allied Health

Massage Therapy Opens Doors

Massage Therapy has had a large impact on my life because it helped me recover from a serious shoulder injury. I had separated my shoulder due to extensive workout training and was told I would need corrective surgery that would have lasting effects on my mobility. However, by seeing a massage therapist, among other health professionals, I was able to fully recover and avoid surgy. 

Effective Impact on Recovery

One of the most rewarding aspects of massage is seeing people who have lived with pain for years starting to feel better.

Both my parents are great examples of people who have continuous pain but have found relief through massage therapy.

My dad suffered from numbness in his hands after years of carpentry work and with my techniques, he was able to have feeling back in his hands again. My mom dealt with low back injuries which cause pain when moving and breathing deeply. She too was able to find relief through massage therapy. 

Seeing them, along with all the others I’ve been able to help over the years has given me a sense of purpose in how I can help others. 


Habit & Fitness Trackers to Help Meet Your Health Goals

Motion is Medicine.

I am a massage therapist because of the fascinating approach massage therapy has on wellness, the results that can be obtained, and the personal relationships that can be built.

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