Massage Therapy in Grandview, Missouri.

Professional Massage Therapy that uses advanced techniques and tools to aid you in recovery and wellness. 


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Grandview, MO 64030

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By Appointment Only

Sunday & Mondays – Closed

Tuesdays & Thursday – 12:30 – 6:30

Friday –  9:30 – 6:30

Saturday – 9:30 – 1:30

Armored Massage Owner, Stephen Preyer a handsome young man, with brown hair and a beard, dressed in blue scrubs, and shining bright green eyes


Armored Massage

Stephen thoroughly enjoys helping those looking to live a pain free life. He combines his enthusiasm for personal wellness with serving others to bring the healing benefits of massage therapy to everyone he meets.

Stephen uses tools such as; Cupping, Gau-Sha, Hypervolt, and other hands on techniques to be the most affective during your session. His focus is to aid you in your goals to living a pain free life.


Habit & Fitness Trackers to Help Meet Your Health Goals


60 minute

60-minute massage will focus on problem areas. that will aid releasing tension in many parts of the body.

90 minute

90-minute massage will treat the whole body as well as targeted soreness, reduce pain and increase mobility.

120 minute

2-hour whole body sesson allows for a more thorough approach to deliver lasting results that can help improve your quality of life and recovery.

KT Taping

KT tape is designed to be applied to support of minor muscle strains, ligament sprains and other soft tissue injuries around joints and muscle groups.


Our pricing is designed to give your body what it needs, and solve your pain.

60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $100

120 minutes – $120

KT Tape – $45

Event – $300

Super professional and experienced. My body goes through a lot of wear and tear from my job and Stephen was able to evaluate my needs and use different techniques to help. He has various equipment like cupping, gua sha, and a rolling table which he incorporated into my massage, and afterward he even taught me some stretches/exercises to help me with more preventative care. Thanks Stephen!!
Dance Instructor


Kinesiology Tape Certified

by Wellspring School of Allied Health

Cupping & Myofascial Decompression Certification

by Wellspring School of Allied Health